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Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are.

Brené Brown

“I’m much more confident because I understand and know myself better.”

“I discovered new ways of clearly communicating my boundaries.”

“Hazel provides a friendly, relaxed, non-judgemental safe space to explore who you really are and what you really want. And she genuinely cares about helping you reach your potential.”

Vikki, Operations Director

“I’m more confident in my ability and my decisions now.”

“I successfully negotiated a pay increase.”

“Hazel was always easy to talk to and had a very friendly and flexible way of working. This openness made it easier for me to be open and helped me to see things differently.”

Imogen, Corporate Finance

“I am focused and more successful in my job and I’m clearer about my goals.”

“I’ve got a great work-life balance. And I’ve developed coping strategies to help me in times of stress or crisis at work.”

“Working with Hazel has had a profound effect on me. She also exudes warmth and has an innate ability to put people at ease.”

Lucy, Deputy Headteacher

“I feel more in charge of my days and I’m having more fun! I’m much happier as a result.”

“It’s made such a difference to the way I deal with situations”

“I loved that we didn’t hold back on things – if there was something that deserved attention Hazel would stop and dig in. It felt empowering.”

Tory, Director & Business Owner

“I’m now able to make decisions and take actions that feel more empowering to me.”

“I’ve become less emotionally involved in situations.”

“Hazel is kind, caring, approachable and a great listener.”

Catherine, Project Manager
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