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Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.

Brené Brown

I feel so privileged and blessed to have found Hazel to coach me, without exaggeration she has changed my life.  At the beginning of my coaching I felt like a trapped bird in a cage.  Through Hazel’s care, compassion and insight I now feel I have become a soaring eagle and will never look back.

Through her guidance I have learnt that self-care is essential and not arrogant. This has been incredibly liberating and enhanced my self-belief, my relationships at work and at home, as well as made me a better wife and mother.  I have always looked forward to talking to her.

It was great that she could coach me over the phone so I didn’t even need to leave the house.  She was wonderfully flexible to fit around my crazy workload and family commitments. Contacting Hazel may be the best decision you ever make.  Go for it!

Lizzy, Bromsgrove

Hazel is an intuitive, insightful and motivating coach, whose guidance and support has come at a perfect time for me. She has guided me through both professional and personal decisions and has helped me to explore how to move forward by listening and challenging my viewpoints and mind-set.

Hazel is very natural and positive, and I feel empowered and decisive following our work together.  I highly recommend Hazel to anyone looking for a highly qualified, motivational and inspiring coach.

Lucy, Oxfordshire

Hazel created space for me to think and talk out loud. She has a very calm and grounded tone.  Through our sessions, I found new ways to approach a perennial habit around how I mange my time – Hazel moved me forward to practical actions.

With a blend of warmth and challenge from Hazel, I found I could laugh at my own excuses – but not side step what I needed to actually do differently.  Thanks Hazel for your partnership

Polly, Sheffield

Hazel has a style of coaching which is both professional and warm. She makes you feel completely at ease so you can speak openly about concerns and development areas.

She also gives a welcome challenge to my ingrained way of thinking, making me consider my problems in a different light.

Hazel’s coaching has really helped me to put things into perspective and to focus on simple actions I can take to make life and work better.

Nicola, Berkshire

With the support of Hazel’s remarkable coaching I’ve been able to uncover some major life blocks, make real progress towards removing them and achieving the life changes I set out to.

Hazel created a calm and safe space where the more challenging issues could be explored with compassion, she instinctively knew the pace that was right and the support that was needed to keep me moving forwards.

Hazel is an outstanding coach, I’ll be feeling the joyful benefits from working with her for years to come.

Lynn, Bedfordshire