Feminine Power

Trust your instincts, intuition doesn’t lie.

Oprah Winfrey

One of the greatest natural powers we possess is the gift of intuition. That intuitive knowing that guides us and leads us towards the right direction, toward something greater. What’s your intuition telling you right now?

The world is waking up to the power of the feminine

By feminine I’m referring to the natural feminine energy that’s present in all of us irrespective of gender. The energy that provides us with gifts like intuition, collaboration, inclusion, trust, empathy, vulnerability and a deeper level of emotional intelligence. Qualities that are naturally more abundant in women and often suppressed due to being considered ‘weak’ by society.

There is enormous power in these gifts and these feminine qualities are becoming increasingly recognised, encouraged and valued once again. Not only in our relationships, but also in leadership and business.

We already celebrate and reward the natural masculine energy that focuses on logic, rationality, competitiveness, achievement, results, assertiveness, control and separation. However, we’re facing a profound imbalance between these two fundamental energies, in favour of the masculine, and the results are only too clear to see on our daily news channels.

As women today, we don’t have to exaggerate our masculine or suppress our feminine, to be strong. The success of our collective future requires us to recognise the essential power of both these potent feminine and masculine energies working together in equal partnership.

The impact for women who draw on their masculine energy to the extreme comes down to our biology, which in the absence of testosterone is raised cortisol levels (the hormone linked to stress), and we can end up anxious, drained, exhausted or we reach burn-out! I can work with you as your coach to bring out all of your amazing qualities in a more balanced way – so you feel empowered as you.

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